Mother Nature

Mother Nature sure has changed her temperment since I was a kid. Today, people freak out over a foot of snow. Back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, I remembering getting this much snow a couple times a year. There was always snow on the ground.

Here in NY, where I live, we managed to get a total downfall of about 5 or 6 inches overnight. It is just amazing to listen to people complain about how much snow we did get…come on! There isn’t even enough snow accumulation to be able to ride a snowmobile!

Apparently, it is just okay to complain about something…PESSIMISTS!

I have a different view on snow, any amount of it. Take a step back, slow down for a minute and go look out the window. If you are in the country, look at how new and fresh everything looks. How the sun reflects off the individual snow flakes, making the world look like God dumped a whole bin of glitter on the ground. Pay attention to all the colors that reflect of the snow..blues, yellows, oranges and sometimes a hint of red. If you are in the city and look out the window, pay attention to how the snow softens the edges of the harse concrete buildings. Look at the way all the bare trees have taken a new shape and dimension.

I know, I know…what you are thinking is…now I have to clean my car, bundle up in a heavy coat and where boats. The roads are bad, it takes forever for your windows to defrost and your gloves don’t feel like they provide you with enough warmth and your toes are cold. Just remember, spring is on it’s way. You wouldn’t be as thankful for those flowers to start blooming, the trees to start budding and the grass to start growing if it wasn’t for all of these winter months. Small consolations for the immediate moment…but still. Consider how lucky you are! Your house is warm and so is your office. If you start your car a few minutes extra, so will your car. There are people out there who can’t afford to pay for heat. That don’t have jobs to help pay for it. Be thankful for everything you do have!

Be safe out there on the roads and remember to take just one moment, one brief minute to enjoy the splendor and miracles that are provided to us right before our very eyes.

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