Staying busy…

Well, this last weekend was packed full of one chore after another. There just never seems to be a day when I get to take time off to just relax.
Saturday we spent the majority of the day running here and there picking up animal feed. A trip to Berkshire to the feed store to get cow feed; Willet to get chicken feed; Killowog to pick up another bale for the cows. The swing into Killowog was pointless because no one was around to load the bale…so that meant going back on Sunday. We came home to store the feed, clean the stove pipe, load the furnace, plow the drives and finally inside to cook dinner. Sunday, I slept in. Rich took care of the morning chores for me (thank heavens) so I could grab a few minutes extra sleep. We had a load of firewood delivered before 9am…so I didn’t get too much extra sleep. After cooking breakfast, I did manage to sit down for about a half hour to work on a blanket that should have been done last week…running a bit behind on that one! Then it was off to Killowog to help do heifer chores and pick up a hay bale for our cows.
I sit here this morning, dreading going out that front door….Folks, the temperature here is ZERO. I am in no rush! The starter on the tractor is bad so it doesn’t start. At some point this week, I need to get that off to have it fixed. Just wish the weather would warm up a bit! We need to cut up these logs for firewood. Most of them will be longer pieces and then split for the furnace…but since we are due to have some extremely cold weather over the next week, we are also going to cut and split some for the fireplace as well. No way am I going to freeze.
I have been having an extremely difficult time with getting the “chills” lately. I go outside, get cold and then for some reason get chilled right to the bone. I have never had this kind of problem before. Maybe it is because I haven’t been feeling very well lately. I just don’t know. It reminds me of when you go swimming in the pool and your core temperature drops, giving you the shakes and jitters. The only way I can seem to get rid of them once they start is to climb into bed and sleep them off. Which is driving me crazy because it seems like the last three days, I have slept half of my days away.
I will be working on a couple of projects today…one for some information on why our government needs to reconsider subsidies for ethanol production and another for a local college course program on biomass. Seems to be an ever expanding list of things to do…but I wouldn’t change it. It makes me feel like I am contributing back to this world I live in. When I was growing up, I always said that I wanted to be a teacher…maybe I wasn’t too far off. These projects keep leading me into an education sector. Educating the public, educating the educators. Interesting for me to say the least.
I have decided that I don’t get paid enough for everything I do…I would ask for a percentage raise but it’s kind of hard to get a 25% raise when you don’t get paid anything to begin with! Just to explain to everyone why I don’t think I will ever get paid enough…here are my job titles: Research and business development; Personal Assistant; Chief Executive Office of a start up company; Sales and Marketing Manager for two seperate businesses (Biomass and Farm); Marketing and Sales Specialist (Biomass Industry); Farm Hand; Housekeeper; Bookkeeper; Cook and a few additional ones that I will be kind enough to not list 🙂
My days are full. Up at 5:30 to bed around 11:00 and zero time for me in between. When I get sick, I still work. There is no time to get depressed over certain things in my life, no time to ponder what could or should have been. One foot in front of the other, every hour on the hour.
So, to boil it all down…I don’t get paid for even half of what I do, but sometimes the joy of doing all I do out weighs any amount of money in the world!
May you all find peace and joy in your days! God Bless!


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