Winter Blizzards

Well, yet again the weatherman sucks. Just once I wish they could get the forecast right for this area. We were due for a big storm to hit us over the past couple of days…the perfect storm for snow. HA! I beg to differ. We got five inches of snow yesterday and about another two inches overnight. Then today it is actually warm enough to start melting it all already.
I remember growing up when we would get feet, not inches, of snow in one blast. We just don’t get that kind of snow anymore and I have to say that I honestly miss those storms. I used to love getting buried under a foot and a half of snow. That was when our family would sit around the wood stove and play games all day long.
These days we get snow and all it means it more work for me to get done. Plowing and shoveling aren’t an issue with me. I actually love the exercise. I just wish if it was going to snow, it would snow enough to make it worthwhile!
I have been doing too much thinking lately about some things in my life. Maybe that is the biggest reason why I would actually enjoy the extra work load. I seem to have too much time on my hands to think about those people that I have cut out of my life, but still miss. I don’t regret the decisions that I made to get me to wear I am today…I just miss what I once had with my dad and my kids. All the rest, I am glad is behind me and not part of my life anymore. Just a fancy dream of wishing that I still had my daddy around. My daddy who was my best friend for the majority of my life. My daddy that I miss dearly but, I have faith that he knows how much I love him. I know that my children know just how much their momma loves them. It doesn’t make the situation any easier, but just knowing that when they lay down at night and think of me, it’s happy thoughts like those that I have of my dad..That’s how I know that someday everything will change and that broken road will be repaved.
I need about four feet of snow, just to wipe out these sad and lonely thoughts from my head. Maybe another animal or maybe another “project” is in order!

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