Happiness in Life

I have friends that celebrated their 25th wedding annivsary this last weekend. No matter how many people I have seen celebrate the silver or golden anniversaries…It never fails to amaze me that they have been together for all those years. This past summer, we helped celebrate Mr. Farmer’s parents 50th. To watch both of these couples, you would never know that they have been together for so many years.
I have asked many times in the past what the secret was to a long, happy relationship…and I always get the same answer. Give 110%, expect nothing in return, take time for yourself and communicate. I didn’t get the chance to ask this last weekend but, I know them both and spend a fair amount of time with them in the summer when they come here to go fishing. They both have things they love to do and then they have things that they do together. Since I have met them, I always hear them laugh and pick on each other. Mr. Farmer’s parents are the same. Maybe that is the biggest key…laughter!
Smiles on others never fail to amaze me. When someone smiles, a real heartfelt smile, it is like a light switch flickers on inside them. I have friends who get down on themselves because of scars, being overweight, too tall, too short…but when they smile, they are so beautiful. I don’t even think they know it sometimes. I have one friend who is on the slightly heavy side, that was insulted by her own grandfather about carrying around some extra pounds…but when this girl smiles, the world seems to energize around her. She is a stunning beauty. One of the most beautiful women I have had the fortune to know, with a personality that outshines her outer beauty. I have yet another friend, who bashes herself for her weight, that is the same way. She under estimates the power of just being happy with who she is. When she smiles and she laughs, she is the most amazingly beautiful women. Her eyes shine with stars in them, probably from mischief, but they are still there.
I know many others who are the same. They just can’t seem to see how much their inner beauty shines through when they smile! Maybe I just have the ability to see them through the camera lens…Maybe I just like seeing the happiness shining in their eyes when they smile and laugh.
Maybe that is just the key to life in general. Laughter and Smiles. The thing you do that makes you feel good inside and with those you love…..
I sit here with a dumb grin on my face now, thinking of the things that make me smile…realizing now that I really do enjoy the little things in life!
God Bless…May you find something to make you smile and laugh today!


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