Disaster Strikes!

I shouldn’t even be sitting here right now typing…but I needed a serious break from all of the torture going on around here!
Last night about midnight, we heard a crash. It sounded like a really huge chunk of ice falling off something. It was loud. This morning, as I go outside and start doing chores, we have two of the calves in our front lawn. Which, by the way, is nothing new, but it seemed strange at such an early hour. As I began scooting the oldest one back across the road, I happen to notice that something on the barn looks strange.

Realization hit me then…….PART OF OUR BARN ROOF HAD COLLAPSED! I came back in the house to tell Mr. Farmer that he needed to get up out of bed and what had happened. This is just the start of the issues this morning. The part of the barn that collapsed was where we house our tractor. Needless to say, our tractor is now buried under boards, debris and snow. On top of that, we let someone borrow the wood splitter yesterday that wasn’t put back where it was found. Then when I tried to get the cows back in the barn…here is the machinery blocking the way for them to get in. The barn door track is shifted and moved now too, so you can’t open the right side of the door, because some idiot run the wood splitter into the door when they were taking it out and bent the retainer bracket and shifted the track!
Then we had to borrow the neighboors tractor to move some snow and Mr. Farmer got that stuck. The whole inside of the barn was torn apart by the two loose critter and to top matters off, one of our turkeys got trapped under some falling debris and was killed.
Already, I wish this day was long behind me!!! Everyone in this house is in a horrible mood. It was time for me to take a break! Just to get away and come in and get warmed up!


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