Farm Show and Snowy Weather

Well…I am just going to put it this way. We didn’t make it to the farm show in Syracuse! For once the weather man did get it right and Mother Nature dumped on us!

On top of that we had no power either. It went off last night around 9 pm or so. Came back on for a bit and then was off again until almost 10 am. Mr. Farmer went out about 9 am to plow out the driveway and the barn with the four wheeler…and an hour later there was already another inch plus in the driveway! We both figured it would be best to not risk taking an hour long trip to go to the farm show…even though I would have really enjoyed going.

The rest of the day consisted of moving snow and doing farm chores. I ended up working most of the day on a new project that I managed to get involved with…now it is time to go relax and maybe go to bed early for a change!

God Bless and Sweet Dreams!


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