Safety Sunday – Farmers and Cell Phones

Since I want to right posts on Sundays but I don’t want them to be tremedously long, I decided to write a bit about farm safety. I will be choosing different topics every week.

Since I have a funny story about me and my cell phone…I thought I might blog a little blog this morning about farmers and cell phones.

When I was younger and my gramps was still around, no one had cell phones. The closest thing out there to a cell phone in the world was a CB radio. Today, many farmers still don’t carry them for many different reasons. I have a different view, due to personal experience, on have one to carry with you…just in case. On small farms they are good to have just in case you get your tractor stuck in the mud or snow. Or even if you slip and fall, needing someone’s assistance. My personal favorite is so that you can call for a rescue when you get locked inside your chicken barn!!! (Yes, that really did happen to me)

Communication is crucial when it comes to being a small farm. Our neighboors are close but not close enough to hear me yell if I were ever really in trouble. So, I carry a cell phone with me all the time when I complete chores, clean barns, run tractors and move firewood. It isn’t for me to talk while working, it is for personal safety. Let me explain one step further. One day last summer, while cleaning barns and filling all of the poultry feeders my bloodhound decided to “knock” on the poultry barn door. When she did…It locked me inside. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my animals. Mr. farmer wasn’t due home for another THREE hours and I still needed to get a list about as long as my arm finished. Instead of being locked inside, I called my sister-in-law who lives nearby to come let me out. Within fifteen minutes, I was out and back to my list of chores.

Four years ago, when we had a hired man running the saw mill, we had a tractor roll over. He pulled a stupid stunt trying to get a log down off the pile with a chain, not paying attention to the angle at which he was pulling and boom, over the tractor when. Laying on its side, operator not in sight…I raced out the door, soon discovering the help was alright. The convience of a cell phone, well alright two, allowed me to get the commercial dairyman from up road. By that time, Mr. Farmer was home and we all managed to get the tractor back on all four wheels. Thank the Lord above with very little damage done to the operator or the equipment.

Cell phones do provide a safety net. Just because you carry them doesn’t mean you have them attached to your ear. I can also tell you that this is how the commercial dairyman I talked about earlier does all of his business. Whether a truck, a tractor or in his office…he communicates with his employees, parts store personnel, his marketing manager and even his family this way. It allows him flexibility enough so that he can multitask and get his work finished no matter where he is.

Modern technology and farming do have a place to coexist together.

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