New Reading, Old Book

I have made a decision to read some older books, like Letters of a Woman Homesteader written by Elinor Pruitt Stewart. This book was published in May of 1914 from letters that a widow woman wrote to an old employer about her move with her two year old daughter to Wyoming with a well-to-do Scotch cattleman named Mr. Stewart. I have already read about six chapters, for free through my new kindle app for my phone, by the way.

Some of the things she says remind me a bunch of farm life around here today. Like when the haying needed to be done and she waited until Mr. Stewart went to town to hire help, she took off to the field and worked herself. I have to admit, I feel a kinship to her on some levels.  She talks too about being sixty miles from the rail station and the Forest Reserve of Utah (I am going to research and see if that is still a reserve) is about a half mile away. Her first letter is dated April 18, 1909. That letter talks about her trip from Denver to Wyoming…24 hours on the train and two days on the stage!

We take so many things for granted. Here we are just over a hundred years later and trains aren’t used much, other than in subways and stages are long forgotten…our stage now is our cars and trucks. It is still amazing for me to thing of all the changes that have happened over the last hundred or so years. I love reading all about history and the way of life from back then…I will update at some point on the overall result of the entire book.

Happy Farming! God Bless.

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