"Meet Art and Peggy"

Hectic and Crazy

Two excellent names for the newest additions to our farm…and very fitting for life right now. Between farm chores, upgrades to fences, truck shopping and looking at new tractors, life is slowly driving me insane!
There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Always another chore that needs doing. Now on top of what we are already dealing with, we are now assisting Mr. Farmer’s family out with their afternoon milking chores and very soon the haying and field work. It seems to be a never ending battle of work rotations.

When Easter came around this spring, I was given a Jersey Bull calf to raise. Then this last weekend as Mother’s Day arrived…My wonderful spouse gave me a holstien heifer calf! The Jersey is just a little guy, at two weeks old he might weigh in at 30 lbs. The holstien at just a couple days old is almost twice his size.

"Meet Art and Peggy"
Meet Art and Peggy

We are awaiting the arrival of our own jersey calf within the next few weeks! More good news on our farm expansions and trials coming soon!


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