A question of inspiration

I was on a forum today and the question was: I am interested in your stories. What has inspired you all to get your first cow? Were you raised with a cow, and milk? Do you remember watching your Grannie?
To which I replied:
My inspiration is me in a nutshell. Yes, I grew up on a family dairy farm. Yes, I spent time around tractors, cows and geese…but that isn’t what really inspired me.
My grandparents farmed until their home burnt to the ground in 1981. I was a whole 7 years old at that point. I remember how much I hated getting up every morning to go to the barn to muck and help my grandpa feed the cows. I loved spending time with him but hated it in the barn.
Needless to say, life went on. I graduated from school, spent time out working in the real world looking and searching for exactly who I was.
At the age of 33, I picked up my first digital camera and I started taking pictures of things that I found interesting or that calmed my hyperactive self down! You know that old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words…well to me those pictures I took became my life.
I started taking nature pictures. You know the ones, flowers, sunsets, clouds, insects and bugs until one day while driving to work (as a painter) I started noticing other things that I wanted to take photos of.
Remember the old six sided wooden silos? I am fasinated with them. So, there are a couple nearby and I started popping some photos…then it was concrete silos, banded silos, old barns and then horses, dogs, cats, and finally cows. Cows are where I found myself at peace. Lounging along a fenceline somewhere on a foggy morning watching the sun come up and melt the mist away. The cows munching away on the grass at their feet. Camera in hand, coffee resting on the hood of my truck close by…..
I started to learn about myself and the passions in my life in those moments. Some people tell me I am crazy and maybe I am but when it comes to farming and my cows…I could really care less what anyone else says!

Misty Morning

A friend gave us a jersey bull…my very first bovine breed! I borrowed a set of banders and steered him, knowing full well that he would be going into our freezer. It didn’t matter to me…I was going to give him a good life while he was in MY pasture. He was feed good, had a collar and was brushed often. He was my buddy. He would follow me any where.
My spouse decided that it wasn’t good to have just one and when we heard about an abused cow at a farm 45 miles away…we made an agreement to take her and two of this farms calves. The week in which we waited for her arrival, I went to the auction and purchased another jersey calf for $4.07 (not a joke and I still have the reciept).
So, I had a heard of five animals now…along with the 30 chickens I begged to get (can’t have a farm without chickens) and 30 turkeys that Rich had wanted. We butched some of the turkeys and the steer last fall. Now we have three freezers full of meat and I have never been happier in my entire life.
I work, not only here on our farm, but on Rich’s uncles dairy farm as well. Cleaning stalls, brushing down the cows and milking! I have gone full circle!
This year has been full of surprises too with gifts that other people probably think pathetic. For Easter, a day old jersey bull calf and for Mother’s day…a holstein heifer calf!
I will admit, my upbringing on the farm when I was really young probably did influence me a little…but my love of cows is truly what brought me back to farming. I would work from sun up to sun down to have a herd. They are a joy I never thought I would find!
Then, as I was reading through another farm girls blog…she mentioned something about a 30 days challenge. So, I am going to challenge myself and my readers to join in the fun. Around wordpress, there is a thing called wordless Wednesdays where everyone shares a photo and keeps their thoughts and words to a minimum…as you can tell I am no good at this! 🙂 So, what I am going to do is this: Every day for the next 30 days starting tomorrow, I am going to pick something that I want to discuss and share a photo! I love my camera and as you can tell…I love to talk/type! I want to share the things I miss from the days way back when and the things that I love about farming today!


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