Inspiration Number One-Frozen Moments

So, I know I said that I would start this a couple of days ago…and then my farm life went crazy. Between work and the farm, I haven’t had much time. Back to my inspirations to start farming. As I explained in my last post, there are many things that I like about farming but the biggest one is probably just sitting back and relaxing around our farm.
Every morning outside of my front door are the most spectaular sun rises. The barn in full view with the sun cresting over the hill hits me like nothing else in the world.

The morning sunrise

The view here is one of the most beautiful for any farm blooded American.

The view from our top field.

There are even those moments when you get off the tractor or four wheeler and just take a break from the motions of the day that are beautiful beyond any words you can think of.

Fields full of Daisies
Nothing like Blue Skies

I love the country and I love nature. Farming just seems like the common sense thing to do for me since I would rather be here on the farm than any where else in the world!


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