Inspiration Number Five-Quiet times

Number five huh? This one is tough because there are two reasons that rank close together. You see, there are moments when all is quiet and there isn’t much activity other than the buzzing bees gathering up the necter or the birds chirping away as the sun comes up. Then there are other moments that are a flurry of activity and the farm yard is full of children that want to know more about the cows. To me, both of these are next in line for my inspiration to have a farm.
Since I am ranking them on my favorite moments…the quiet times take first priority!

Belle and Danny the day they arrived. Malnurished, she still provided love to her calf.

Peaceful grazing as the morning fog begins to lift.

Adopted brothers resting together

Robby the Robin

Quiet times on the farm are when I truly feel blessed by my lot in life. When all things nature seem to get comfortable and new friends are made. Those are the times when I feel like God is saying to me, “Look at all the wonder I created.”


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