Inspiration Number Six-Teaching Children

Well since the last one was a big toss up between quiet times and when there is a flurry of activity. Today, I will talk and show the flurry of activity.
My number six inspiration for being a farmer is to pass down what has been taught to me. To be able to work with kids to show them that farming is hard work but, with the right temperment it is extremely rewarding. Farming also teaches us all valuable lessons in where our food comes from and what goes into that food.

One of the neighborhood kids petting "Big Momma"

Fresh corn off the cob for the birds on the farm
Learning about how tall corn grows and how it's harvested

Talking Turkey with three farm visitors

Our daughter and son-in-law are even doing what they can to pass the farm legacy on.
Our granddaughter and her first calf

Each and everyone of us that farms knows that it takes lessons to learn and grow to love what farming can do for an individual. In my prespective, every kid we show increases the chances of the future of agriculture on the family farm sized scale. We listen to our president all the time talk about how important an education is to the youth of today. Why not work with a kid, teach them valuable lessons so they can provide for themselves and spark their imagination and dreams in ways we may never be able to understand.
If you are in my area and would like to bring your children for a hands on visit to the farm, please contact me to set up an appointment. We NEVER charge and if you ask nicely, you might even get a farm fresh breakfast with most of the items provided directly from our farm!

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