Inspiration Number Eight- Good Food

I would have to say…the best thing about farming is the reward of great food to eat. No chemicals, no hormones, just all natural home grown food.
From the eggs we gather daily…some we eat and others we sell to assist with the food bill.

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

To eggs, pancakes and fresh sausage links:

To fresh turkey, potatoes and stuffing on Thanksgiving:
Getting ready for the oven on Thanksgiving

To making syrup out of different things like pesky flowers:
Dandelion Syrup

Yes, some people plant gardens but here on our farm. Planting a garden means food for all year. We can our own sauce, stewed tomatoes, pickles and even some of our meat. Our freezers are full of beef, chicken, turkey and pork…all farm raised. This year I would like to try my hand at making butter and cheese from milk right here on the farm! We already do maple syrup too. Like I said…the food here on the farm is worth the hard work it takes to get it in the pantry or freezer!


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