Inspiration Number Nine-Leaving a Legacy

I guess one of the biggest reasons I like to farm is to pass on what was taught to me. To love nature and animals. To treat them with respect and respect what they provide. There will be only one photo today that speaks volumes to this. Being a grandmother has shown me that I can do the same as what my grand parents did for me. I can teach my grand daughter how to grow vegetables, to use silly things like dandelions to make something delicious, to think outside of the box. I can also teach her how to care for animals and the value of hard work. Leaving a legacy behind ensures that there will be a future generation to carry on the things we do.
I can’t wait for the day when my little Miss Lilli is old enough to learn how to ride and how to drive a tractor! She sure is genetically predispositioned to adore cows!

My grand daughter, who is fascinated with cows.


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