Inspiration Number Ten-Stress Reduction

To me, having a farm means less stress…well, maybe the same about of stress, just a different variety. Having worked in sales and marketing for nearly 20 years and then working construction for a handful in there, farming brings a completely different aspect to my life. A place to escape……
When I get stressed out too much from work overload, I go sit in the pasture with the cows.

Davy, when he was young, greating me and wondering what I am doing.

When I just get sick of dealing with people and all of their drama, I go sit with the chickens and watch them dig and scratch around the yard.
Barred Rock hen digging for bugs and worms

When I just get tired of everything, I go hang out in the barn. When I get agrevatiated or too upset, I just spend hours outside around the animals.
Relaxation Time in the Barn

Sometimes, I think it would be better for me to just live in the barn and not have phones, cell phones and computers…to live the “old way” of life. To have no electricity. When running water meant having to use the pump. When you went to the basement to pull root vegetables out. When ice was delivered during the winter months to keep our “ice boxes” cold during the warm summer months. To use horses to plow. All of that sounds like heaven to me.


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