Inspiration Number Thirteen-Family and Traditions

Farming brings families closer. It makes us work together. For the older generation to instruct the younger generation on the ways, means and reasons to farm and live this way of life. From a Grandfather working with his grandson to pass on the farm and the home built there. To provide a home for the generations that follow after he is gone:

Erford's house. The home that Mr. Farmer's dad grew up in and where Mr. Farmer raised his children until it burnt in 1985.

To men who fight for this country, knowing that they have loads of responsibilities at home on the farm. Leaving behind a loving wife, children and pastures full of cows:
Harry, my paternal grandfather, when he signed on to serve in WWII at the age of 17

To women who work hard to raise seven children and still work the farm. Even after she divorced my grandfather (which was extremely uncommon in those times):
Josephine, my maternal grandmother, and the only photo I have of her

Erford, Harry and Josephine all taught valuable lessons in their own rights. From teaching us the valued lessons of hard work and family heritage, to having enough faith to take life without the assistance of a partner or companion and having enough strength to carry on no matter how tough the struggle. I don’t know if they inspired us to farm or if they are just legends from our past. If I could send a letter to heaven to my grandparents…It would read something like this:
I know that you are watching down on me from Heaven, wondering if I am out of my mind. I know you told me to stay away from farming, but I can’t seem to chase this demon from my system. I have grown to realize that there is no where else on God’s green earth that makes sense to me. You know I tried to fit in out there in the so called real world but, I was never comfortable like I am when I am in the barn or out in the pasture. Without you, I would have never learned the valuable lessons in life like working hard to find the reward at the end, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to someone else. I would never have learned that I can stand up on my own, be proud of who I am and give my all for what I believe in and to know that at the end of the day, the sun always sets and it will rise again tomorrow. You taught me self-reliance and to not depend on anyone else to provide the things I need. You taught me how to not let go of my dreams, that one day when God decides it’s time for them to come true they will. You taught me that a house is just a house, it isn’t home. That home is where you heart is. That’s why I know you understand that farming is where I am at home. It is my heart and my soul. It is in my blood like a fire in my viens, the demon that refuses to leave and one I am not willing to remove.
Gramps, I hope your fields are growing good and your beer is cold. I just hope that limberger cheese doesn’t smell as bad up there as it does down here! Gramma Jo, I know that you are up there working on a kaliescope quilt to cover the heavens with and I know that you haven’t stabbed your finger once. I bet you have taken all of God’s gum by now playing cards too! Remember you said that you have to share! 🙂 And Erford, I know we never met but from my understanding your grandson is very much like you…so I know I would have loved you too. Stubborn old men that create rucus are just my type appartently! And so you know, the farm is looking great! A new barn this fall hopefully and things will be back to the way they used to be! You would like the new truck for your trips to visit Syracuse…sure does go lots faster than that Model A ever could! Grams (Martha, my paternal grandmother) thanks for teaching me how to cook and make butter, even though I couldn’t churn it then very well, it has come in handy to know. By the way, I still love onions and potatoes just as much now as when I was little…I just don’t have to crawl in your cupboards to eat them anymore! 🙂
We love you all and you will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds! We miss you everyday, more than you can imagine! Thanks for the lessons and the wonderful memories!

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