Storms and No Power

Well, things over the past two days have sure been crazy. From 80 mph winds to driving rains, broken trees to flooded roads…Mother Nature has shown her ugly temper once again in our area. We have been without power for much of the past two days.
Feeding calves and making sure that animals have water has been interesting. Last evening, after not having power for over seven hours, I collect rain water from the eves of the house to ensure that the calves could have milk replacer. I think all I really needed to do was wring my clothes out since I was soaked from head to toe after about five seconds of moving around outside.
So, I need to apologize and get busy post nearly three days worth of inspiration! Hopefully, things run smother around here today and since I have some free time, I should be able to bring everything up to date fairly quickly.
Signing off for now! Time for morning chores!
Good Bless you all!

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