Yes, I know. Shame on me! I haven’t updated at all recently. There has been a lot going on and this was unfortunately not high on the list of main priorities.

BUT…I finally have the time to update what has been going around here! First off, bad weather this spring resulted in crops going in late and even some issues with replanting fields that didn’t take. Too much rain this spring made for a muddy mess no matter where you went.

Then as the spring transferred to summer, the extreme opposite happened. We went from fields of mud to field too dry. First cutting alphalpha went great but second cutting resulted in very poor yields due to lack of water and near drought conditions. Our pasture grass stopped growing and we had to feed hay much early than we ever would!

Then a couple of weeks ago, our region saw a deluge of 7-11 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Many of our neighboors, friends and family have been displaced or effected by all of the flooding in the area that recieved national attention…

Fortunately, we were not affected by the high levels of water and are high enough in elevation to not have been impacted at all by the rest reminants of Lee.
Instead, we have started construction on a 10 foot addition on the side of our barn, a new barn roof and additions to our herd!

I will update each seperate happening in additional posts…due to the fact that I have taken lots of photos and this isn’t the post to include those in.

Right now….I need to go check on the arrival of our newest addition that is coming at any time now!
God Bless and Have a great day!

One thought on “Update”

  1. Good luck on the addition to the barn and the herd! I hope all goes smoothly and your harvest goes better than your planting season has. We’ve all had a year of extremes, but hopefully the winter will be easier to take

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