Frosting Mornings

I try to find the good in everything. No point in focusing on the negative all the time…one of the reasons I rarely watch any other news than AgDay. With the leaves gone of the trees and the grass slowly turning brown too, I turn to other things in nature that I like. I like watching the sun come up on a frosty morning as the rays just start hitting the crystal and you can see every tiny detail along the edge of a blade of grass. It works the same for those mornings when we had a smidge of snow overnight.

The animals are usually very quiet at that time of day. You might hear the rooster crow or the flap of turkey wings here on our farm but usually the only other sounds you hear are the wild birds chirping their good morning to the sun. As crazy as it may seem, that is my favorite time of day. I take my coffee cup (insulated of course) out while I do my morning chores. I have been known to be found leaning on the side of the barn, hands curled around my cup and bundled in about four layers of clothes watching the sun crest over the horizon.

Everyone else changes their clocks, gets an extra hour of rest but not me. I still get up before the sun. I live somewhere where the old adages of “red sky in the morning, sailors take warning” doesn’t seem to apply. We have a red sky every morning. Of course, we also have the most spectacular sunsets too. At sunset, I am usually back in the barn again or close to it. There is nothing as peaceful as watching the sun sink below or peek over the horizon. It paints the clouds in the sky in spectacular colors.

The setting sun paints the clouds pink.

The orange of the morning sky makes everything look warmer with hints of orangy-gold.

The snow of the top of our mailbox as the sun comes up.

Farming life isn’t always about the hard work of feeding animals, cleaning barns or harvesting crops. There are those little moments that only country living can supply. To me, farming isn’t only about the animals, it’s about a way of life. Some people thrive in this environment. I am one of them. I could tell you about countless others that feel that way too. We don’t really care about fashion trends, unless maybe it’s for a new pair of boots. We don’t care what the latest celebrated gossip is. The things we care about the most are our animals and the weather. Needless to say, those are fairly time consuming and the rest…well, we take it one day at a time.

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