Dogs vs. Cows

In my last post, I said that I would discuss the differences between cows and dogs. Well, in my opinion there really isn’t much.

I am going to walk you through a typical day for each. Rosie is my bloodhound rescue dog and Bell is the rescued Jersey cow.

5 AM
Rosie heads out the door for her morning bathroom break after a series of stretches to limber up her muscles.
Belle picks up her head when I open the barn door, stands and does a full body stretch. Then proceeds to poop like the movement was too much of a strain! 🙂

6 AM
Rosie and Belle follow me around as I complete morning chores. Feeding, watering and picking up poo in and around the cow and poultry barns.

7 AM
Belle heads out into the pasture to eat grass and say hi to the rest of the herd.
Rosie heads inside for her dog food breakfast and to lick the cat.

8 AM to 10 AM
Rosie is usually found snoring away on the bed.
Belle is usually found laying with her head tucked on the top of her leg chewing her cudd or snoring away.

11 AM
Snack time.
Belle gets a wad of additional hay and her daily brushing.
Rosie gets a biscuit or a bone and then her daily ear cleaning (damn long ears) and a brush down.

12 Noon
After each gets a drink, you will usually find them lounging in the sunshine.

1 PM to 3PM
Belle is typically found wandering around the pasture nibbling on grass.
Rosie goes for her daily run to the pond (about 500 yds.) to swim and bark at the fish along the bank. She is also known to just sit in the field and do nothing.

3 PM to 5 PM
Another round of water and it’s time for another nap.

6 PM
Rosie will usually be found hanging in the barn curled up laying on a pile of dry hay while I clean up, replace bedding, feed grain and more hay and milk Belle.

7 PM
Rosie and I head to the house as Belle finishes her dinner. Rosie gets feed her evening meal. Then both usually lay back down to relax for the rest of the night until the sun comes up in the morning.

To go even further…Belle will run and jump when she is feeling playful. She likes to have just behind her ears scratched and even lifts her leg to have her belly scratched. She likes getting treats (apple bits for horses) too. If you go sit in the past next to her during nap time, she will lay her head on your lap.

Still think cows don’t like the same treatment as dogs? Guess you should come spend a day with Belle!


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