Mondays are Maddening

Around here…Mondays are the worst. I always have the worst time rolling out of bed after my “day off” on Sundays.

Today is especially maddening! I feel like I have been run over by a truck and my head is pounding. I have deadlines that are fast approaching but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything! Argggg! Yes, I am moving around the house sounding more like a pirate today than a farmer! Those eye patches and bandanas are sounding better by the moment!

So, you are asking…”Why is your Monday so maddening this week?” and probably thinking “Other than being sick?”

To make a long story really short….

Mondays are days when everything goes wrong! First off, I got up late (yeah alright 6:15 am really isn’t late but it IS past my normal time of 5:45). Being a half hour behind on everything sucks.

I am starting to realize that I have scheduling OCD’s! I hate having my routine changed! I like to get up, take my time, have coffee then head to the barn NO LATER than six. Needless to say, this morning I had to rush to get dressed. I didn’t have my coffee before heading to the barn (which makes me into a horrible wench anyway). And I didn’t even stop to brush my teeth which just plain irrates me!

Then I had to rearrange how I did my chores! Instead of doing the feeding first, I had to milk. Can not mess up that schedule by even 20 minutes! Already feeling ill and then with bending up and down and the movement just set my tummy on edge! Nothing like puking your guts out on the barn floor and then having to clean it up too! The calves were all over the place, getting into the bags of feed and being total mischiefs this morning too.

Once milking was done, I fed the two little calves..and amazingly that went fairly smooth. Especially considering the one is just coming off a bottle and his first attempt  at bucket feeding was the night before. I did have to fight with them to take in a mouthful of grain but overall that was the best experience of the morning chores!

Feed grain, feed hay, refill water……..

Grain is now all over the barn floor due to the calves tearing into a bag and me not realizing there was a hole in the bag. Clean up the grain. Put into another bag. Hide the bag!

Feeding hay is usually done a whole lot easier when you can get the layers peeled apart. Needless to say, it didn’t come apart but broke half way between the bale and the feeder! Clean up the hay spread all over the barn floor.

Loose calves equal little piles of slippery poop places where it shouldn’t be…so off I go trying to move around in the barn while feeling like I am playing on small pieces of a slip and slide all over the barn. Clean up the poop. Put poop on manure pile.

Let the chickens out…find out there is no scratch grain mixed in the tub. Fight with bags to get more mixed. Spill grain all over. Clean more grain up! Feed scratch to chickens.

Attempt to fill waterers. Damn hose is frozen solid. Cart buckets from one barn to the other. Make about ten trips and notice water is now running from hose. Finish filling cow bin of water.

Head into the house. Spill milk while slipping on mud. Cough, hack and gag when the wind slams me in the face. Enter house….find a huge pile of dog puke in the middle of living room floor! Clean up puke while make multiple trips to the bathroom to get sick.

Strain milk in kitchen sink. Spill milk due to coughing fit and missing the top of the container. Clean up jar. Put milk in fridge. Clean up mess of milk spilt on the counter and floor (another coughing fit).

Sit on the couch. Notice a wad of poop on the back of your sock and pant legs. Stand up to remove pants and notice a wad of poop on the couch. Strip pants, put in washer, put on another pair of pants, scrub couch….get a cup of tea (coffee isn’t staying down) forget you cleaned the couch and sit in the wet spot! Another change of pants……

Isn’t it time to go back to bed? Um nope! Now the phone starts ringing off the hook. Time to start working on upcoming deadlines and questions for different organizations.

Mr. Farmer calls, starts complaining about focus. Get really mad. Screw it…I am going to bed. I have nothing further to contribute for today! Hopefully I will feel better and manage to find more patience later than I have right now!

2 thoughts on “Mondays are Maddening”

    1. A little…just one of those days when you are sick when everything goes completely wrong! I try to stay positive but sometimes other people outside of agriculture need to understand that we don’t get sick days! Thanks for your comment and concern!

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