Started One Way…

My day started one way…and now, sadly, has gone another.

I was working on putting together my food thanks since I have procrastinate long enough this month, especially considering that Thanksgiving is two days away…but something happened to make me stop my fingers from typing about that to reconsider other things!

Some of you follow me on Twitter and now that I am all about animal welfare. Some of you also know about my passion for the Jersey Breed. One of the ladies that I love “twitting” with is @jerseylady1. She shares the same passion for Jersey’s as I do and I think we share the same view points on treatment of animals. We have “chatted” about different homemade products, our cows and even the image of Agriculture in society.

Today, she was online tweeting away, when suddenly she noted that her DH (as I assume her hubby is called) was calling for her to go back outside. When she returned she notified us that her four-year old Jersey had passed away unexpectedly. Click the link to see a photo of Minnie Cow and Baby Steve.

As she said, “Minnie was the center of our little operation. We raised calves, pigs, layers, broilers on her good milk.” To many smaller operations, one cow truly is the center of everything around the farm. The loss of one cow can devastate a farm!

I can’t even imagine what I would go through if I lost my Belle. I have such a connection with her. She is more than just a cow. She is family!

I sit here now with tears in my eyes thinking about the loss of Minnie. It breaks my heart to hear the words of someone who shared such love for an animal. “Dear Friends,We are heartsick to report our lovely 4yr old Jersey milkcow Minnie died unexpectedly this AM. Cow-shaped hole in our hearts.”

I am a person of faith, and I know that Minnie is up in Heaven now, grazing in a huge field of green grass. She is surrounded by other cows who have gone before her and enjoying an endless sun. I know that she will be watching over any and all who had been a part of her life, knowing that her time has passed but also knowing that she makes room for another. I can almost see her in my mind, relaxing under a shade tree chewing her cudd. Nothing more to concern her blessed soul.

Minnie Cow, you will be missed!

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