Custom Designed Jewelry

I guess you could call me a crafty, artistic kind of person. I like to make hand crafted items to give to people for holidays, special occasions and so on.

It is rather daunting sometimes because it is an annual tradition now and many of my gift receivers expect to get something homemade or handmade. It is easier on my wallet but it still does take time.

Pink Jewelry Set

I love to share jewelry with the girls. I never wear much myself…because you know I really don’t think the cows care for the “bling”


This set is made from elastic cording, seed beads, charms and glass beads.



Blue Jewelry Set

This set, I actually made for myself for an annual work Christmas party that Mr. Farmer’s day job had a couple of years ago.





Finger Doilies

I made these last week and have had so many people want to purchase them it’s actually scary!






I like to play around with different ideas for things. I think I might actually try my hand at crocheting wire into a fancy filigree necklace, bracelet and ring set next……

In the meantime, if any of you are interested in purchasing a set or just a ring…please send a message or make a comment (include your email addy) and I can let you know how much and when I could have them done by….




2 thoughts on “Custom Designed Jewelry”

  1. I sure hope you are feeling better! I wanted to comment on your finger doilies they are adorable. How much do you sell them for? My sister would love one for Christmas. I am more like you not into wearing much more than my ring and occasional ear rings. So sorry to hear about Minnie 😦 . I worry about my new Momma goat she has what appears to be a very bad infection and no change after 2 weeks of antibiotics I am not sure what to do? I am hoping she gets better soon. She is still nursing just fine but she seems to be very uncomfortable :/ . She eats just fine potties just fine and drinks plenty of water. Her back end is raw and oozy… It may be something she has had for a long period of time and that’s why she was sent to auction? Who knows? Anyhoo have a wonderful day!
    Tina = Tinylittleredhen

    1. Sorry to hear about Momma! Have you talked to the vet about her issues?

      I sell these rings for $5 each plus shipping, or if you are handy with a crochet hook I can get you set up with a pattern or two for free!

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