Funny or Not

The funniest thing that happened this week didn’t start out so funny…..

Mr. Farmer decided that he wanted to transport six big round bales from farm #2 to our farm on Saturday while I was at the doctors office. While I sat in the exam room, he was loading the bales onto the wagon to haul behind his truck.

I get a phone call while I am in transit from the drug store, which is about 15 miles away. He tells me what happened and asked me to come follow him back since he was headed back over to pick up the bale with the tractor and then haul the wagon home. We have about a half mile stretch on a busy route that travels from Rt. 81 to the city of Ithaca that we must travel to get home.While I sat waiting for my prescriptions, he was loosing a bale off the side of the wagon and into the middle of the road. While I was paying for those same prescriptions, he was slamming into the bale with his new truck to push the bale off the road….

He gets to the same spot on that road that I had my little “incident” with the state police officer last week and the tire BLOWS apart! There really isn’t a place for him to safety pull over out of traffic…so he keeps going.I arrived just prior to him pulling off the side street and onto the busy road. I noticed that the back tire on the wagon is soft but, as I pull up to the wagon…Mr. Farmer just keeps going. After all, this really isn’t the place to be stopped in the middle of the road to hold a chatty conversation.

There is now chunks of plastic wrap flying through the air where the rubber is slamming into the bale. Then there is the big drift of hay that starts blowing around. Traffic is backing up! I don’t dare to move over to let any of it pass until the rubber stops its wicked slapping….still Mr. Farmer has no place to stop! I suffer from anxiety issues and my heart is now racing out of my chest but he somehow manages to get slowed down and turned onto our road! Maybe it was all of those prayers I just kept repeating over and over that he could. We turn into a parking lot at the bottom of our hill. I ask him if he wants me to go pick up a different tire….

Nope.     The hell with it.      I am going home.

I understand that he was definately having a rough time but, to us farm wives….we all know this kind of answer. It’s something akin to the farmers way of saying I have had enough out of this trailer and I am going whip its ass!

He did manage to get the wagon home. Mind you there are cute swaying curved marks in the road now.


Now, back to the question…Funny or Not?

I can’t help but laugh at the whole situation. If we didn’t have bad luck around here, we wouldn’t have any! Mr. Farmer’s attitude about the whole thing kind of cracks me up too. He really didn’t get mad….he got even!

Too bad it destroyed the rim…


but I do have these cute furrows out in the barnyard now!



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