Planning Day

Well, today turned into a HUGE planning day! After my morning chores, I decided to try my hand a couple of different craft things that I have been thinking about for a couple of years.

Oh wait, I almost forgot….I am obsessed with Christmas decorations! Handmade, custom decorations…not those store bought glass blown jobs but, homemade straight from nature. Or maybe some things made out of recycled Christmas cards from last year or from old clothes.

I really only have three small boxes of things that I keep around every year. Some of the ornaments tucked within were my Grandma’s. Then of course I have the lights. Which are a complete tangled mess! And my angels for the top of each tree….yup, I do two separate ones! Crazy I know. One is artificial and the other we always get real from our Christmas patch that is just off from the Sugar Bush. Another annual tradition.

Here’s my list of things to go out wandering for:

Pine, Pine and more pine – One large 7′ tree, four at 3-4′, 10-12 of them that range from 6″-2′

Pine Cones – I need lots of them this year in all different sizes and shapes, thinking somewhere around 100-125

Red Berries – We have some wild roses that have perfect berries on them this time of year and lets not forget the spearamint berries either! We have about an acre of those growing around here and there.

Leaves – All different kinds, if I can find some that are in relatively decent shape.

Dead branches – Since we have broken apple limbs out in the orchard, I will start there.

Wood “plates” – Oh goodie…chain saw time! I need a “slice” off the end of one of the logs we use for firewood! Maybe two.

Grape Vines – I need to pull some of them back and out of the trees in the lawn anyway. Might better put them to good use.

Burdock and Thistle heads – AS MANY AS I CAN FIND! Wait til you see what I do with these!

Moss – Not much of this, about a milk pail full.

Stones – White and Peach colored Shimmery Quartz stones in all different sizes. Need to start with around 15.

Chicken feathers – Specifically from the Rhode Islands.

Turkey feathers – preferably the fluffy ones.

Dead grasses – the tall stalky kind with bigger leaves.

And of course, firewood chunks for in front of the fireplace.

Since I like to be organized for this BIG project, I draw everything out and make notes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There will be tutorial photos coming up as I go through some of these projects!

Happy Holidays!

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