Urban vs. Country Living

I sit here this morning thinking about the post from yesterday and the questions that people ask on why I like farming and living here where I do. It just struck me this morning that the biggest thing is the difference in the way of life.

I am one of those people that could really care less about going to the “city”. I don’t mean just big cities like NYC, Chicago or places like that. What I really mean is going to “town” but I think that sounds a little weird. I am not one for crowds, the hustle and bustle or the overbearing rudeness that surrounds stores and shopping centers.

To explain it all, I think I need to point out the differences in Urban Living and Country Living….

When I want breakfast, I go to my refrigerator and pull out eggs, sausage or bacon and some bread. My eggs come from the chickens across the road, the pork from my son-in-law and the bread which is usually homemade english muffins (with about 1/2 the ingredients from here on the farm).

Now, City Folk (and I mean no disrespect) go to the fridge, pull out store bought eggs (which who knows how old they are), usually bacon that is cured in so much salt to preserve it from going bad, and maybe english muffins. If they happen to be out of one thing, it means a trip to the grocery store…or worse yet, a drive thru window at the local McDonald’s or maybe a doughnut and coffee from Dunkin Donuts!

When I go to work, I step out my front door. Not warming up the car to thaw the snow and ice off the windows in winter. I shovel my way from the house to the barn. If the driveway needs plowing, it usually done with a four wheeler and a snow blade (light snow), a truck (4″ or more) or if we have heavy snow the tractor and bucket. Our road is plowed only for when the school bus is due through in heavy snow. We dress in layers, layers and more layers to stay warm. We buy gloves for their heat and durability, not for their fashion sense.

City Folk on the other hand, will be seen snow blowing an inch of snow out of their driveways and heaven forbid if the roads don’t get plowed. But then, when they do get plowed…people start complaining about the end of their driveways being packed with snow. They start their cars, waste gas to heat the windows and get the interior warm so they don’t get cold in their business suits and argyle socks.

Alright, now let’s just say I need to go out to drive somewhere…Let’s say to pick up parts at Lowe’s for a water line. Out here in Rural USA, almost every driver I pass waves. Not because I actually know them either. It’s just because that’s what has always been done. It keeps up good relations with the community. But…..boy o’ boy does that change the closer you get to the “city” limits. People drive different. They speed up, swerve around cars that are not going as fast as they would like, swerve back in nearly clipping the car they just passed and usually flipping them off as they do….They honk the horn if you take one second too long at a stop light. They whip through parking lots like they just found out their house is on fire. They seem to feel that it is always their God-given right to not give the right of way….Oh the list goes on and on!

So, now that I am in the parking lot of Lowe’s…these idiots take up two spaces for their fancy cars. You know someone might ding it with their door. They park in handicap spots just because they are running “in and out”. And then once you get inside, they run you over with shopping carts.

Now, I know that not all City Folk are like that…but every time I go shopping somewhere, there seems to be more and more of these types of people in the store. They grunt as they pass you. They are rude to the cashiers. They have no respect for anyone, including themselves.

Growing up, if I had acted even half of the way some of these people do…My grandparent’s would have throttled me! My family ensured that I had respect for ALL people, that I was to be giving and forgiving and that I had to work hard to get anything I needed. No one was going to provide for me but that I should provide for others in need. I learned to respect myself. I learned to eat good wholesome foods, to take care of myself and to “do no harm” to others.

Yes, I grew up on family, food and religion. We said thanks before each meal for the simple things in life. Things like herd health, good food, family and friends. I don’t ever remember sitting at my grandparent’s table without a group of at least 10 people. These were meals that my grandmother spent most of her time fixing….no one helped her out, nothing came from a box…and she asked nothing in return! Not a penny to help purchase more staples like flour or sugar. NOTHING!

But, when push comes to shove and someone is having a rough time….the way that my grandparent’s lived, also known as the country life…I can promise you this: It is the country folk that will band together and will provide for those in need. We seem to accept without question. We would give the shirt off our backs if it meant keeping a neighbor warm.

Country living isn’t about fancy cars or clothes like our Urban cousins think it is….It is about family, friends and community! To all of you Urbanite’s out there….who would you call if you had a problem with something at home? I bet every person that reads this that lives in the country can quickly answer that question….It’s our friends and our neighbors. One phone call draws a crowd!

I know this blog is rather opinionated and some of you may think it’s flawed…but this is what it is like where I live….four hours North of NYC. So please forgive me if I am in no rush to go to NYC or any other metropolis. I like the slow pace, hard work but relaxing way of life I lead here with my close knit community.

2 thoughts on “Urban vs. Country Living”

  1. I’m not a city person either, absolutely adore growing my own food and would have farm animals if I had time, and probably a different hubs, LOL. We’ve reached a happy compromise – all organic but just indoor pets 😉
    I really like your conversational writing style – thanks for sharing about your slice of heaven!

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