Preparing to say “So Long…”

It is difficult sometimes to say goodbye.

Watching local businesses that have been part of the landscape here in the area for nearly 100 years shut up part of the product line is heart breaking.

Crowley Foods, which has been in my county since 1915, will be closing down the line that produces such things as yogurts, sour cream and bottled milk. The phone call came yesterday morning. 54 people will lose their jobs and we have no idea yet how many farms this has the potential to impact.

Mr. Farmer has known people who had started their first jobs at Crowley within the Binghamton, NY plant. A few of these folks actually enjoyed working their so much, the worked their whole careers there…several of them retiring just within the past five years.

We see this kind of thing in NY all the time. Third generation restaraunts close their doors. Florist shops that have been in operation for 60 and 80 years. I know, times change. But….I don’t think that is the real underlying issue with what is happening around here.

Taxes are high. Some of the highest in the nation. Land taxes are insane. We have so many subdivisions of multiple government organizations that one always expects the other to complete the task at hand.

Then on top of all that….we got slammed with a major flood from Hurricane Lee. Most of the political officials are working hard to keep “big business” here because it hurts 1,000’s of people, not 54. I don’t know…I guess I am just depressed that one of the agriculture based business within my region isn’t getting the same attention that a corporation like BAE Systems (which operated in an Air Force owned building) who just received an incentive package to stay within the air. Our politicans are also pushing to keep their old building, which is now condemned because of the flood, open for future use.

It is so very frustrating and cuts me to the core. I have always been proud to say that Crowley is right here within my region. Just as I am proud to say that we also have Frito-Lay here as well. But, for some reason when it comes down to dairy products….It kills me to see a company like Crowley go into oblivion. It’s so depressing!


On another note, I sat through meetings on both Monday and Tuesday to discuss Bioenergy (specifically biomass) and Direct Marketing for Agriculture.

I am hoping that by the end of this week, I will have my slide show completed to demonstrate the different sectors that Bioenergy, or as I like to call it “Agricultural Biomass”, completed. I will share this useful tool to help those you do not understand the full spectrum of bioenergy potentials. I am always open to conversations or questions, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you would like to contact me.

Direct Marketing for Agriculture is a highly beneficial and profitable way to market farm products. There are small keys to make sure you know before you get started though. I will construct a complete blog article on what you should be thinking about BEFORE you get started. Hopefully, I can have that up no later than Wednesday of next week.

One final note for today….”Everything is subject to change. How prepared are you to adjust and adapt to that change?”

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