Busy Weekend

There wasn’t much time to do a whole lot, yet the weekend was so full there wasn’t much time to get any relaxation in.

On Saturday, I got to spend time with my two favorite little girls! My (step) granddaughters. I have so much fun with them when I do get the time to visit with them! After that, we had a retirement party to go to for one of mine and Mr. Farmer’s old work buddies. He says and I quote “I am busier now that when I worked all the time.” His wife is keeping him extremely busy with the honey-do list.

By the time we got home, it was time to do our chores again. We have been having a few milker pump issues but Saturday evening was the last straw for the new unit we just bought. No pressure in the tank means no pulsator. No pulsator means no way to milk the cow with the claw into a milking pail. Oh, the joys of hand milking a Jersey cow with the smallest teats ever! Not joke….Your thumb and one finger in a rolling motion is all you need! Too bad it gives you hand cramps! 🙂

After chores, we headed over to the other farm to “borrow” another pump and assist with milk testing and evening chores. It was a good time but it was after 11pm when we finally got home.

On Sunday morning, I still didn’t have the new milker pump set up, so again it was off to milking by hand. The temperatures were just under 20 degrees, which meant that all of the water was froze and then when I went to fill the jugs…the water lines were froze. So, after a cup of coffee inside the house, Mr. Farmer and I went out to heat up the lines and find out why the lines were frozen. Needless to say, we need some heat tape and now have to bring the hoses inside every day.

Now, it was time to set up the new milker pump and vacuum. Other than having to lift it off the back of the truck, that went fairly easily!

Then we cut enough firewood for our furnace to last about a month! That’s always fun when you have pulled muscles in your stomach. Mr. Farmer is still sporting some fairly sore ribs too since they were separated about a month or so ago and he is still on the road to recovery. Aren’t we just a barrel of laughs?

After that, it was time to do laundry, work on Christmas gifts, fixing dinner and also talking with one of the guys we allow to hunt here. I will be the first to admit, I was ready for a nap by 3 pm!

I haven’t been this thankful to see Monday in a couple of years. Thank goodness everything is up to date and back to normal! Now today, I need to clean house, make cheese, finish up a slideshow and still get all those animals taken care of…..Not much time to be chatty today!

Hope you all have a great day!

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