Farm Style Christmas Gifts

Alright, after just opening up my fridge….I think it’s time to do Farm Style Christmas Gifts!

I just open up the fridge and realized…I really need a bigger fridge! Three gal. of milk, about 4 lbs each of mozza, cottage and ricotta cheeses, 1 lb of cheddar curd, 8 doz. eggs…that doesn’t include anything of the condiments or left overs! Uggg!

Gift baskets maybe? A basket of homemade cheese, enough to make a pan of lasagna, noodles and a jar of homemade sauce? A basket of ricotta cheese, flour, eggs and other goodies needed to make Ricotta pancakes including a small jar of Barrows Farm Maple Syrup and extra eggs for a side?

Good heavens, what am I going to do with all of these goodies in my fridge?!?!?!



3 thoughts on “Farm Style Christmas Gifts”

  1. I love making pizzelles for gifts. You have the majority of ingredients listed here. They are super easy to make, people love them, and there are tons of varieties. I can send you some recipes if you like.

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