Calf Bloat

This is what I am dealing with at the moment. I will try to keep updating as time goes on today to let you know the progress of one of my twins. I needed to come in the house for a few moments to warm up a little and get a second cup of coffee.

6:45 AM
I go out into our barn to start milking chores, our calf feeding and to tend to the birds. I notice that both of my twin girls do not come running like normal when I open up the barn door. I start looking around for them and found my Scarlett girl laying partially on her back, tipping downhill with her legs straight out. Panicked, I dropped my wash pail and ran over to her.

I honestly thought that she was dead. Upon pulling her head up, the gas started escaping out her mouth. Still thinking she was dead, I started pulling her up and out of the spot she was in. Upon setting her head down, I notice straw blowing my her nose…My one thought “Holy Shit! She is still alive.” I quickly manuvered her into a position so that her head was up in the air. I then started working on loosening the muscles in her legs so that I could get them under her. After a few minutes on each leg, I finally got her legs up under her. I then propped her head up in the air.

7:45 AM
A call to Mr. Farmer resulted in him telling me to call his Uncle Ed, who is also our vet. After calling Ed and discovering he couldn’t come out until 11:30…I asked what I could do to eliminate some of the gas building up. He advised giving her a bit for her mouth, just like you would a horse and try to get some baking soda and water into her belly. Strapped with a water bottle, a chunk of wood and a short piece of rope, I did just that. After giving her the water, I went to move her and you could hear the water moving around inside of her gas filled belly. I started rocking her from side to side, while her head was still elevated and the gas was coming out in rather long belches.

8:15 AM to 11:15 AM
Repeat of the gentle rocking. 30 seconds of swaying back and forth. 2-3 minutes of rest. Gases spewing forth constantly.

Frozen and cold, desperately in need of coffee (have had just one cup) I head to the house. Only to have Ed come before I could even get my pants up after going to the bathroom.

11:30 AM
Ed is now checking the calf. She is severely bloated and comatose. She is also dehydrated now. After shots of antibiotics, bromine, Vitamin B, calcium and a couple of others that I honestly wasn’t paying attention for….The vet runs a tube down her throat and a small air pocket spills forth. The vet complimented me on doing such a good job of expelling the gases. He then tells me to get her wrapped in blankets as her temp is down to 97 and it should be around 101. Told we would be lucky if she makes it through the night and to call him in the AM.

11:45 AM
Another round of baking soda and water, as the vet order for once an hour until she is awake. Now wrapped in an old quilt, she is resting quietly. I headed to the house for some lunch and a couple of phone calls, typing while I am talking.

Still resting quietly and breaking my heart. Please God, send back any gift that may have my name written on it for this holiday season. All I want is for my little girl to be alright.

12:50 Tears of pain and sadness are blinding my vision now….. I am headed back to the barn to go sit with my girl and pray with all of my heart and soul!

Tears of sadness are streaming now. She is completely unresponsive now. No blinking of the eyes, just steady constant breathing. I honestly think it would have been better to have found her already gone to heaven this morning……


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