Perfect Gifts

Well, it’s Christmas Day and the chores are done, breakfast has been served, cheese is in the works and gifts have been exchanged.

I have to admit that Mr. Farmer knows me so well! I refuse to force myself to go get haircuts (I actually cut my own since at one point I was a beautician), so I got a gift certificate to the local hair salon. It will take me a full year before I use the money he put on there! Which excites me!

Secondly, he got me my very first pair of Muck boots! I would rather have had cowgirl boots like the one’s I “save” for good but he was insistant that I needed Mucks! So, now I am the proud owner of a pair! He said I am NOT allowed to wear my slingback sneakers in the barn EVER AGAIN! All the while, pointing and shaking his finger at me!

I love how he slid the “go-be-a-girl” gift in with my “stay-dry-farmer” gift! Like I said, he knows me so well…Just like the package of socks he got me too because he knows I won’t ever by them myself!

After much worry and debate, oh and let’s not forget extremely last minute, gift shopping for Mr. Farmer…his gifts were a HUGE success! I got him a chromed barbed wire license plate holder and a camo steering wheel cover…both of which are already installed on the truck! I also gave him the receipt for his beloved chrome gas cap cover that he has been complaining that he wanted for his decked out girly truck! It is taking forever to come in, but should be here either Monday or Tuesday.

He also got some new gloves, long johns, and heavy winter socks. There is a motive behind that…he needs to help me get some work done and I don’t want to listen to him complain that he is cold. Mind you, most of the time I never wear anything more than flannel lined jeans, regular ol’ white socks, my slip on sneakers (rain, wind, snow or mud I love those shoes), a turtle neck and a hoodie. I do wear gloves, if you could call them that…they are the dollar, stretch variety and really offer very little protection. Mr. Farmer on the other hand looks like the bear he is all dressed in his lined bibs, heavy coat, hat and gloves. Typically with a scarf wrapped up around 1/2 of his face. All dress in black with his eyes and red eyelashes peaking through….all I can think of is a black bear that is sometimes seen around these parts! But, God love him, he tries!

We still have no snow. It’s kind of disappointing…but it isn’t like you can prod Mother Nature into doing something she doesn’t want to do. I am starting to think that Jack Frost and Old Man winter have gone to Texas, instead of her! Or, maybe it’s New Mexico……

Now…I need to get back to finishing up some additional gifts that I will need for the rest of the family by next Saturday! Looking forward to some relax time on the crochet with my hound curled up next to me, the cat curled against the side of my leg, a good movie on tv and yarn zipping through my fingers and around the hook!

Merry Christmas to all. May you all be blessed with love and good fortune!


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