Agenda for the Day

Mr. Farmer is off to the doctors office for a scan to make sure that he isn’t sporting Cancer again. Oh, to all that didn’t know…Mr. Farmer was diagnosed eight years ago with Stage 3, nearly stage 4, Melanoma. So, PLEASE wear your sunscreen all year round and don’t do that tanning route.

I figured since he is going to be gone most of the day, I would get some things ready for our New Year’s/Family Christmas together.
My fridge is loaded down with Ricotta, Mozzarella and Cottage Cheese for Lasagna that we have made over the past couple of days. We will also be using sauce made from our garden tomatoes, beef we raised on the farm and even a little sausage raised by our son in law.

Now it is on to snacks….the second batch of Real Buttermilk cheese is now hanging to drain. Hopefully someone will bring crackers……

Next on the list is dessert! Mr. Farmer and I started our first batch of cream cheese late last evening. It takes 12 hours to set and then another 12 hours to drain. There is about 7 hours of draining left!!!!! Next will be sour cream. And now, after chatting with my twitter friends, I have decided to make a batch of gingerbread cookies to use instead of graham crackers for a crust. Then on Friday, I will take Blueberries out of the freezer that came off from the in-laws bushes for the topping! Can ya tell yet that we are making farm fresh cheese cake???? I am so excited! This is our first batch and I cannot wait to taste it!

In between all of this, I need to do laundry and dishes and work on finishing up my craft stuff for gifts…….Phew, guess I gotta get moving! Photos will follow soon!


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