Winter Vacations

Do you remember when you were in school when you had winter vacations? Well, those of us who have farms that work regular jobs too usually use our “days” off from the real world to get things done around the farm.

Here on Barrows Farm, Mr. Farmer actually gets a winter vacation from Christmas Eve until after the first of the year. To bad there is typically a lot of button down work that needs to get finished up that he really doesn’t get a vacation. There are a couple of days in there that we try to do some fun things too. Unfortunately, the farm has demands of it’s own that still need to be done.

This last week was a very productive one. The barns all got a good cleaning. The water lines are now wrapped in heat tape and insulation, so hopefully no more frozen water lines. New hay feeders for inside the barn were built. Grain bins were relocated and filled. The plow was put on the four wheeler. The antifreeze in the tractor was checked and topped off. The lawn mowers were put away. Hay bales were moved from one from to the other. My milker pump managed to get fixed (no more borrowing!).

Some where in there we even managed to fit in the process of making about 15 pounds of various cheeses, two shopping trips, family Christmas and a little end of the year accounting stuff.

Like I said, those 10 days were very productive!

I even managed to get some craft things done too. Two crocheted bags, about 5 or 6 pairs of earrings, one necklace and about 1/2 a baby blanket! Phew, my hands and wrists hurt just thinking about it all!

Hand twisted wire and cracked glass

One thing is certain, I am glad that things are returning back to the normal scheduled program.


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