Oh, the things I do! I finally have scheduled appointments with my area representatives for the FSA, USDA and NRCS!

I am so excited about the stuff that it upcoming! These meetings are just the first steps toward completing our farm expansion. We will be reviewing our plans for the milk house and it’s location. We will be doing pasture assessments, field assessments and also reviewing our future crop rotational. We will also be looking at other additional ways through new available programs to increase the viability of our farm!

This meetings will officially mark the last steps of the planning stages and mark the beginning of the actually work! As we start getting the plans approved, I will start sharing our drawings of what the barn(s) will be set up like, where we will locate the milk house, manure pit and where our storage for grains, feeds storage and hay bales will be.

I am so excited about the expansion of our farm…the only problem I have is that all of the feeding and tractor stuff is left up to Mr. Farmer. All I want to do is work with the cows! Of course, Mr. Farmer says…”You can’t spend all day, every day, buried in cow manure calling them all by names.” My response…”Wanna Bet!”

Oh, the fun and joyous conversations we have! One person who is focused on animal health and well-being and the other who believes in traditional farming methods that are more along the lines of a large commercial operation. Guess who usually wins those conversations when it comes to cows through??? I have an arsenal of information about production rates…and hey, being the marketing person I used to be too, I am not afraid to whip out those California Happy Cow Commercials either!

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