Agriculture Education

After looking through AgWeb this morning and watching a video about a wonderful lady by the name of Chris Fesko, I decided I would talk a little about what she is doing. After having someone stop to ask if they could take photos of her black and white horse, which was actually a Holstein cow, she decided to put together some farm educational videos about the day-to-day operations of a farm.

I went to her website and discovered that not only does she do videos, but she does educational speaking and farm tours at her Skaneateles, NY dairy farm.  They call it the Discover Center. Below is the information pulled directly from her website.

Discovery Center

Take an extraordinary field trip to the farm! On The Farm Discovery Center, Inc. is an educational facility located in Chris Fesko teaches young student about chickens.a restored barn. Award winning farmer, educator, video producer Chris Fesko pulled this 100-year-old barn from ruins, providing a rich atmosphere for people to reminisce.

Multi-disciplined activities (math, science and language arts), and problem based learning are captured in several curricula that Chris has developed for teachers. These activities are part of the educational field trip for visitors.

Academic subjects covered:

  • Cycle of life
  • Cycle of water
  • Clean water, clean air
  • Simple and complex machines
  • Mathematics using an ear of corn
  • Pond life
  • Responsibility of ownership
  • Mammal characteristics
  • Domesticated vs. wild animals
An unequaled view of Skaneateles Lake, a working windmill, and many animals in residence makes this a unique facility and program.

No dates are listed for 2012 yet, but I am sure they will have some dates coming up during the summer. I applaud Chris for what she is doing and working hard as an Agvocate!

I think it’s time for me to make a phone call and schedule a road trip to go meet another powerful woman with a voice for Agriculture………

3 thoughts on “Agriculture Education”

    1. It seems to be very much a common thing with not only kids but adults too. I love working as an agvocate…teaching people about farm, food and fun. I am blessed to have people like Chris who live not far from me too.

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