Be Aware

Last night was an eventful one around us. Fire departments and police were sent to a location not far from us due to a tractor vs. truck accident.

I know it sounds corny but, it was a dark rainy night. The section of road had poor visibility and I don’t know all of the details yet. I do know that it was two local individuals operating the vehicles. I have heard that even after the driver of the truck was entrapped in the vehicle for a long time and was air lifted, all reports from family and friends say that he has only suffered minor injuries after hitting a John Deere 9300 head on.

The driver of the tractor is also doing alright and there are concerns over some alcohol consumption. I am not sure if it was the driver of the tractor or the truck. The short video and only discussion to be found anywhere online can be found on the following link:
FOX 40 WICZ TV – News, Sports, Weather, Contests and More – Binghamton, NY.

Now I will take this time to remind anyone reading this about vehicle safety. PLEASE remember when you are out in the country, there is the potential for any piece of equipment to be travelling down any one of the roads. SLOW down, take your time and keep a close watch out for tractors and other implements.
As much as the above commentary bothers me and I am thankful (extremely relieved would be more like it) that injuries were minimal, I need to comment that there is much more to this accident than really meets the eye. As soon as I have some time to sit down, sit back and write up the issues that I have with the owner of the tractor and the farm he operates, I will get it up online and posted. 
I am not against any agriculture, but there are STILL rules, regulations and laws that we must all abide by. More times than not, this particular farm has broken and gotten away with continually breaking them. Needless to say, many of my friends, family and neighbors have had enough!

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