Cows, Cows and more cows

I had the privilege of covering the Annual Spring Dairy Carousel in Syracuse, NY yesterday. Although they weren’t jersey cows, it was still impressive to see the 213 gorgeous presentation of Holstein.

It must be extremely difficult to judge a competition like these. There are so many beautiful cows with such awesome udders!

Of course, you know me, I notice the little things…Like a cow who is alert and shows a little of her personality through while in the ring!

"I got this! Look I am showing off to the judge!!!"
"Just because I am a cow of a different color....."

It’s funny…I really don’t like Holsteins as an overall breed but I really enjoyed the show! There were really some fantastic animals and even a couple of really, really cute handlers who assisted with the prep work!

"Why do we always get this end?"

I will admit…I was kind of sly. Yeah, I was there to cover the holstiens…but opps, someone forgot to take all the jerseys out of the barn before I got there!

Some young girls lounging after a long afternoon the day before.

I think my favorite portion of the day was spent inside the barns. It was great talking with the folks showing, learning about how many people it takes to make an animal presentable and meeting people from Illinois, Wisconsin, Delaware and even Canada…just to name a few of the places some of the folks travelled from.

Showing cattle isn’t as easy as it looks…It takes a whole team. Sometimes members within the family, sometimes hired help. There are groomers, brushers, oilers, hoof shiners, and even a poop handler! For someone who has never experienced such a show, it is worth it to just learn about all of the work, attention to details from the body condition to feeds and so much more that goes on behind the scenes at an event like this. This is NOT the county or state fair…these folks are serious about proper presentation! They even wipe the pooper of these animals after they go to the bathroom!!!!!

Needless to say, I learned a ton and overall it was a great experience….now I really want to raise a show cow!!! Demented HUH????

Hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into the world of cattle showing for dairy cows! I will leave you with the top judges considerations of the day…and folks, it’s all about what’s between their legs!

Big, bad, beautiful udders!

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