Long Weekends

After listening to people question us part of the weekend about us not celebrating Memorial Day with a barbecue or picnic, I figured it was time to get out the full explanation of why we don’t have the extra time or energy to have a party.

First of all, animals don’t know the difference between holidays or any other day…other than maybe Christmas Day when we lavish them with extra “treats”. To them, it’s another morning they need milking, feeding and usually, it’s the day they get really dirty or break loose from a fence. Holidays are just that…days.

Second, since Mr. Farmer also works a full-time job off the farm any extra days we have are spent doing things that need to get done around the farm or house. Like this weekend, Mr. Farmer took Friday off and the morning was spent on chores and moving compost from one location to the garden. Then some time was spent tilling it into the soil. Of course, then we needed to plant. We spent a couple of hours Saturday evening planting tomatoes and peppers after we moved the landscape fabric we use under them into the new location.  Then we spent another couple of hours planting seeds and watering them all down.

Yes, on Saturday, we did spend some time at the annual Horse Pulls at our local fire station but that wasn’t a pure pleasure event. I had to work taking photos, talking with pullers and  the staff for the event so that I could put together an article for next weeks edition of Lancaster Farming Newspaper. It was hot too, with temperatures hovering around the 80+ degree mark and ZERO shade to be found anywhere! All of this after running to the local feed and tack store in the morning to pick up new bedding for the chickens and dog food! By the time evening chores and gardening were done, we were both wiped!

On Sunday, it was much the same. I wrote up my article after I finished up morning chores, went through the 150+ photos of the horse pulls and read through emails all before 10am. Then I started working on a new rug for in front of our front door until about 11. After spending the day bouncing between driving kids and their stuff from the cabin by the pond, having farm visitors with lots of questions about the animals and how/why we raise animals the way we do and evening chores, we finished up the day by picking up stones out of the field of new seeding. It was about 9 pm by the time we rolled in the door and someone still needed to fix dinner if we were going to eat! By 10 pm, I was ready to collapse after spending so much time in the sun!

Then on Monday, it was off and running to pick up more plants and seeds for the gardens. When we got back, we planted the transplants and worked up some rows of seeds for the carrots, radishes, peas and beans. We dug holes, buried some chicken manure compost, hilled and planted watermelon, squash, eggplant and cucumbers. Then we came home, grabbed drinks, filled our 100 gallon water container that is now on the back of my truck and headed back down to water everything. After watering plants with about 50 gallons of water, we sat down with Mr. Farmer’s parents and sisters in the shade for about an hour before heading back up the hill to come home. I will admit, we did sit down and watch TV about an hour or so. It seems like every time we just start to relax, there is something that needed to get done…so off we went to do our nightly chores. Then it was back to the garden to plant potatoes, do a little more watering (it’s really hot and dry here this spring!) in our garden and in Mr. Farmer’s dad’s garden.

After gathering eggs, I heard one of the Dexters and her calf bellering…after walking down to see what was going on, I found the calf was one the wrong side of the fence and was separated from his mother. After walking nearly back to the barn, I got him on the right side of the fence and reunited with his momma. By this time, it was dark and again, I was ready to fall into bed. Too bad it was 88 degrees in the house and our air conditioner is a piece of crap! It was so hot and muggy that all you had to do was lay there on top of the blankets and you were start sweating up a storm! I hate hot humid weather. I think I would really rather deal with the cold. At least then, we can dress accordingly. I have yet to figure out a way to get cool enough in this heat. I don’t think I could ever live in a state like Texas where it’s so hot ALL the time!

I am glad that today things should return to normal. I could actually use that normal pace to relax, since it doesn’t seem like I have for the whole long weekend! I think a LONG pasture visit with my camera is in order for today!!!! Before it gets to the hot, muggy, humid 90+ degrees they are calling for today……

I am off to the barn to milk, feed and probably a good brushing. Today is also fly treatment day for the cattle too, so I will be doing that this morning too. If you are all interested in following more about what happens at our farm…please visit and like our Facebook page which can be found at Barrows Farm. We also have some likes for other farms, farming information and suppliers located there as well. Hope to see you all there soon!

Thanks for stopping in. God bless!

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