Been Awhile

With all of the activity around the farm…sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with everything. Priorities need to be set and with the influx of social media pages like facebook and twitter, it makes it difficult to keep up with everything all the time.

Since the last post back in July, we have added more calves, more new pasture, finished more haying, harvested corn and have been working to develop new markets in additional regions in NY. On top of that…I have still been writing for the paper, taking lots of photographs at county fairs, consulting for bioenergy, taking care of our farm, working with calves on another, and sitting through meetings I would rather not attend!

My last day working on the other farm was yesterday. They do most of their calving in the spring to take full advantage of their rotational grazing so it really wasn’t worth my pay to have me come take care of just ten or eleven calves. And with the distance I drove, I couldn’t afford to do the job for anything less. Unfortunately…I will be the first to admit, I love working with the youngin’s around the farms.

So back to our farm…we are now floating around a herd size of 18 cattle (cows, calves and bull), 20 turkeys and around 75 chickens. Our egg market has blown up lately with the demand for pastured, free roaming eggs. We are only producing about 10% of what the market is asking for! This coming spring, I have hoping to have enough layers around to support between 50-60 dozen eggs a week! Talk about going through cartons…we might need to get a tractor trailer load brought in once a month!!!!

Our beef and veal market is taking off too. We have some new outlets that we are exploring, some of which will go to some great NYC chefs! I am exciting to get started with this leg of our journey….and don’t tell anyone but I can’t wait to taste what they do with our prized beef and veal! YUM-MO!

Too many things have been going on all at once….It’s only taken me two days to get this part typed in and I have to run out the door as I type now! Will update more very soon!


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