What Farming Is

All of my future posts about the farm can now be found on a great new blogging network. My friend Michael Fermia started this blogging network as a way for us farmers to share our stories.

Find more by following the link to What Farming Is.

I may still occasionally share some posts here but the day to day stuff will be found on the other site. Many changes are coming for us in the future too.

2 thoughts on “What Farming Is”

  1. This will be a great blog site. Are homesteaders welcome? I just bought a house with some land in ag country in Colorado. I plan to homestead it and have gardens and maybe a goat or two (maybe a pig for meat) and some chickens. I could have one large animal but don’t think I’ll go there. How large does your farm have to be? Everyone is calling it my farm but I only have a half acre (enough for one person to work). I also am a Master Gardener and participate in the CSU Extension program.

    1. I think you would fit right in. After all, what you do is still considered agriculture! When you go to the website, scroll down to the bottom and click the link on the bottom right that says sign in.
      Let me know when you have something up. I will read and share of course 🙂

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