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Snowy Days

I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the snow! I love the flakes when they start to fall. I love the snow covered ground. I love how it makes the world look.

Yeah, the frozen pipes are a pain….But to get over it, just step outside and look around! Everything is covered in a blanket of white, glittering like diamonds in the sun.

This IS my favorite time of the year and another one of the reasons why, if for some unforeseen reason, if I ever have to move….I want to go where they have seasons, mostly for the snow!

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People Ask…

People ask me questions sometimes that make me really sit back and ponder life in general.

Most Common Question:
“Why do you farm?”

My answer is simple, yet complicated.
I love cows! I love chickens! I love animals…period!

Calves holding a "discussion"
Bubba J and Rosie playing in the snow on a warm winter day.

Then of course, there is the food stuff! From canned, stewed tomatoes to home grown sweet corn, making cheese to eggs for breakfast…without the farm, I wouldn’t have those things like I do.

Right to Left: Canned Beef, Sweet Corn and Stewed Tomatoes

Question: “What is it about your farm that keeps you where you are?”

There are a ton of reasons on this one. One of them isn’t the taxes, I do need to specify that!
There is an easy answer to this one! It’s the sunrises/sunsets. It’s the views. It’s the private pond….and so much more!

The morning sunrise
Sunsets as seen from Barrows Pond

There are many more questions and a whole lot more answers…..But I think this will give anyone a good idea on why I love farming. I think it will also give you a fair idea on why I love being here!

Of course, Mr. Farmer has one very big reason……this land has been in his family for 6 generations! The deed reads out like a genealogy report!

Out to Pasture

Katie out for a run

When the weather is nice outside like it has been lately here in NY (60 degree the last week in November), I like to let the calves out to get some exercise. It gives them time to stretch their legs and play.

Katie, shown above, really enjoys running around the pasture as fast as her body will allow her to go!

DJ and Katie

It also allows the calves to mingle and socialize.

DJ follows like a puppy

That is…IF they don’t follow me around like puppy dogs anyway. DJ is my best bud and I really enjoy spending time with him…with both of them actually!

Katie shows some Love
DJ giving kisses

Ag Humor

From now on, every Saturday, I am going to do an AG HUMOR page. To those of us in the industry we sometimes get bogged down by everything that needs to get done and to those outside of the Farm Life, all they hear is whining and complaining! I think, wait…I KNOW that everyday there is something that just makes you laugh around the farm. Stupid antics of animals or visitors who just ask the strangest questions!

Saturday, November 19th, 2011
Have you ever had one of those moments that you knew would stick in your mind forever as an unforgettable moment? On of those moments you just know you are still going to be laughing about on your death bed?

I had one of those “moments” yesterday! The whole story isn’t nearly as funny in text but it is still funny enough that I think many of you will be laughing about it. So…here goes!

As many of you already know, I work on Mr. Farmer’s Uncle’s Farm too. When we do haying every year, all of the large round bales (balage) are wrapped and stored at their farm, exactly 5.5 miles from home. Normally this is no big deal because we are there daily anyway. Yesterday was no different. Other than a few mishaps along the way…

The first issue started when the steering arm on the tractor used to load the bales broken. A quick “fix-er-up” with some wire got us rolling enough to get the bale loaded onto the back of the truck. Now with a round bale in the back and a calf that needs some addition one-on-one attention into the farm truck, I headed home. I did good til I hit Rt. 79 (3/4 of the way from their farm to ours). I knew I had a trail of plastic wrap behind me, but I also had a calf tagging along that I really needed to get home. I pull off the side street, went about 1,000 ft. when I noticed traffic moving up very fast behind me and then swerving looking for a place to pass. Being nice, I edge over to the side of the road allowing the cars to pass by.

I was watching in the side mirror for all the cars to go by, when I notice a state police car. The car kicks on his lights and follows me to the curb of the road. Mortified, I watch him pull a piece of plastic from the round bale into the back of the truck. Understand, I didn’t realize that the plastic was hanging out about 12 feet. He comes to the window and says “Do you know why I pulled you ov(insert a calf bleat here)er?” A look of awe and astonishment on his face now, the conversation goes (The officer) “This is a first for me.”  (me)”Would you like to take a picture?”  (officer)”That would be great!”  and then the guy just backs into the road in front of an oncoming truck with his camera phone aimed at the truck! Thank God there were no injuries!

Katie takes a ride in the front of the pickup

He got his photo, (I assume it looks something similar to the photo above) which was immediately sent out to his whole address book in his phone! (Insert a really red face on my behalf now please). I told him where I lived and the guy literally followed me home. In his excitement, he never checked my seatbelt (which I wasn’t wearing) or asked for my license (which I didn’t have on me)…but he did run the plate!

He pulls in behind me once I arrive on the farm and he gets out, watches me unload the calf, start asking all types of questions and is just being a general pain in the rear…BUT atleast he is interested in learning more. As patiently as I could, I tried to answer all of his questions. This gentleman even asked to come back for a visit with his kids! You know, sometimes it is amazing how a farmer can connect with the outside “Ag” world!

Just thankful to have walked away with a few laughs and no ticket!!!

Newest Arrival

O Lord, I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago and now you have accomplished them.” Isaiah 25:1

There is always something everyday that God amazes me with. Simple acts of kindness to perfect, healthy newborns. God has blessed me countless amounts of times and the blessing still continue to come everyday!

Yesterday, I talked about Belle…the rescue cow. Today I will tell you that she provided us with a great joy around 7:30 PM last evening.

New Born Calf

By 8 PM, our newest addition had a name and a coat to keep him warm. A full belly for the calf and some good hay for Momma means peaceful times in the barn.
New Momma and baby

The morning brought DJ some additional colostrum and a change of covering to keep him warm.
DJ, snug as a bug

We really are blessed here with so much. As the saying they goes…My cup runith over! With joy and a glad heart, I bid you a good day!