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Inspiration Day Three-Animal Antics

Day Three of what inspires me about farming: Animal antics!

Cows have personalities too
Turkeys who love to get up on anything
The blood hound who thinks she is a pointer and herder
Young Hen waiting on the porch railing for her "treats"
The "girls" waiting for the tractor to move out of the freshly plowed field

Inspiration Number Two-Babies

Moving on to my second inspiration, I would have to say that it is when the young one’s come in the spring. Who doesn’t love babies of any shape?

Young one’s make me happy when I get to watch them frolick and then getting love from their Momma or their adoptive Mom.

Inspiration Number One-Frozen Moments

So, I know I said that I would start this a couple of days ago…and then my farm life went crazy. Between work and the farm, I haven’t had much time. Back to my inspirations to start farming. As I explained in my last post, there are many things that I like about farming but the biggest one is probably just sitting back and relaxing around our farm.
Every morning outside of my front door are the most spectaular sun rises. The barn in full view with the sun cresting over the hill hits me like nothing else in the world.

The morning sunrise

The view here is one of the most beautiful for any farm blooded American.

The view from our top field.

There are even those moments when you get off the tractor or four wheeler and just take a break from the motions of the day that are beautiful beyond any words you can think of.

Fields full of Daisies
Nothing like Blue Skies

I love the country and I love nature. Farming just seems like the common sense thing to do for me since I would rather be here on the farm than any where else in the world!

Eagle, our national bird, on display

I don’t agree with the way some zoos operate, but regardless of the how, it’s the why. Many species of animals are coming close to extinsion. Today, a wonderful person called me to tell me all about the Eagles at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

They have a fantastic site, live cam included, with the newest information and details about the eaglet’s that have just been hatched. What a fasinating thing to observe! So I decided I would pass it forward so that others can enjoy the scenes as much as I have.

The website is Once on the site page, look for the Eagle photo with a link that says watch live.

Wordless Wednesday, March 16th

To anyone that knows me…keeping my mouth shut and my hands from typing is the most difficult task I face. But I will join in Wordless Wednesday’s and share quiet moments and photos taken in those times.

Since robins are the first sign of spring and I haven’t seen any around the farm yet, I thought it would be nice to share a photo of one that became my friend on the farm last summer. Oh, how I miss spring!