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Wildlife Wednesday ~ Birds

As the seasons pass here in Upstate NY, we see species of birds come and go. Fall is that time of year we get to see large flocks, swarms or gatherings of birds as they prepare to fly south to warmer regions.

One thing we noticed this year is birds that we normally do not see on the farm. A couple of weeks ago, a whole group of Bluebirds were seen in the upper pastures. It was neat to see their bright blue feathers as they flew from ground to fence and back.

A group of Eastern Bluebirds hanging out on the fence within the pastures.
A group of Eastern Bluebirds hanging out on the fence within the pastures.

Every fall, we always see a lot of Canadian Geese because of the pond. I think they like it there because it’s rather secluded. Can’t say that I blame them either because I like it for the same reason.

Just a few of the geese that come to visit every year
Just a few of the geese that come to visit every year

We’ve seen more Wild Turkeys too. This spring, there were 20 poults hatched and wandering around the pastures. It’s an amazing sight to see when all the hens (mother turkeys) would gather together with the little ones.

We’ve seen baltimore orioles and bobolinks too. There are Savannah Sparrows, Chickadees, Cardinals, Blue Jays and so many other birds that I don’t even know names for. We’ve had Great Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets. We’ve seen a Bald Eagle too.

Two male Bobolinks in one of the pastures during late spring and early summer. We had a total of four pairs this year…up from two the year previous and just one the year before that.
Sparrows on a temporary post that divides the pasture paddocks

Life in the country is actually rather amazing, if you just take the time to stop and see what’s around you. Sometimes, you just really need to sit, watch and observe…or you miss out on some really neat things around you.

Cow bird found in the pasture right next to the cows.
Early summer the Killdeer will nest in a couple of specific areas of the pastures.
It’s common to see birds sitting on fence lines.

Hope that you enjoy the “snippet” of birds we are fortunate enough to see all summer long. Next year, I’m hoping to host a “Bird Photography Day” here on the farm and allow all kinds of bird watchers to come set up, take photos and hopefully capture more of the amazing birds we have here.

If you are interested in coming out to the farm to bird watch, just give us a shout! Send an email to Hit me up on twitter @CNYfarmgirl or find us on facebook at



Inspiration Number Eleven-Nature

Having a farm means spending time in and around all forms of nature. There are beautiful sights that we get to see every day…whether in a tractor seat or walking through the fields checking crops.
From different sorts of bugs:


Swallowtail Butterfly

To wildflowers:
Morning Dew on a buttercup

To watching Eagles in a hay field:
Bald Eagle in the field

And even watching trees season:
Almost time to harvest apples

Inspiration Number Five-Quiet times

Number five huh? This one is tough because there are two reasons that rank close together. You see, there are moments when all is quiet and there isn’t much activity other than the buzzing bees gathering up the necter or the birds chirping away as the sun comes up. Then there are other moments that are a flurry of activity and the farm yard is full of children that want to know more about the cows. To me, both of these are next in line for my inspiration to have a farm.
Since I am ranking them on my favorite moments…the quiet times take first priority!

Belle and Danny the day they arrived. Malnurished, she still provided love to her calf.

Peaceful grazing as the morning fog begins to lift.

Adopted brothers resting together

Robby the Robin

Quiet times on the farm are when I truly feel blessed by my lot in life. When all things nature seem to get comfortable and new friends are made. Those are the times when I feel like God is saying to me, “Look at all the wonder I created.”

Eagle, our national bird, on display

I don’t agree with the way some zoos operate, but regardless of the how, it’s the why. Many species of animals are coming close to extinsion. Today, a wonderful person called me to tell me all about the Eagles at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

They have a fantastic site, live cam included, with the newest information and details about the eaglet’s that have just been hatched. What a fasinating thing to observe! So I decided I would pass it forward so that others can enjoy the scenes as much as I have.

The website is Once on the site page, look for the Eagle photo with a link that says watch live.

Wordless Wednesday, March 16th

To anyone that knows me…keeping my mouth shut and my hands from typing is the most difficult task I face. But I will join in Wordless Wednesday’s and share quiet moments and photos taken in those times.

Since robins are the first sign of spring and I haven’t seen any around the farm yet, I thought it would be nice to share a photo of one that became my friend on the farm last summer. Oh, how I miss spring!