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A Growing Christmas Tree

I have to say…it isn’t gifts or spending time around my crazy family this holiday season that has me all excited like a kid on Christmas morning!


I have looked all over online to see if this is something normal…with ZERO results.

We cut our tree down on December 1st. It’s one of the trees that Mr. Farmer and his two children planted about twenty years ago…or maybe the offspring from one of them anyway. On the first, we had a couple of visitors from the NYC area come up to pick out a couple of trees to take back. While we were assisting them, we figured…hey, might as well cut our own. Makes sense right?

Mr. Farmer did the hard work (sarcastic) and cut the tree down. We loaded in the back of the pickup and drove down of the hill. I trimmed it up within an hour or so and got it standing in our living room. It was a little too tall (aren’t they always?) so I trimmed the top spire down to fit my angel, strung the lights and gave it some cold water.

I have to admit…it sat here for almost two weeks with nothing but a couple strings of lights and some additional pine cones wired on. I check the water daily and when it calls for a drink, I have been adding a little warm water. I finally rolled around to getting some ornaments on it last Friday. Not many of them but just enough to make it look like a Christmas tree.

Everything has been going just fine, typical and normal until last night. I came out of the bedroom door (the tree is straight ahead and maybe six foot away) I noticed these white looking “bumps”. After turning on the lights, I thought I was seeing things. At first, I thought we had some type of bug growing all over on the branches. After getting the flashlight and my glasses….to my astonished surprise here’s what I see.

Not a bug afterall
Not a bug afterall

Can you believe that? The tree is LOADED with them. Nearly every branch looks like this:

Look at all those!
Look at all those!

In all my years, not on my tree or others I have seen, have grown pine cones once cut! If anyone has any idea on how I did this…PLEASE comment and let me know. I have done several internet searches to try to debunk this fluke of nature…with no results.

One awesome thing….I think I have the coolest Christmas tree EVER!

Out of Sorts

This time of year is really difficult for me. I guess you can say that part of it is the “empty nest” syndrome. So many things have changed and I miss some of them more than I care to admit.

Being a mom is one of the greatest treasures that life has to offer. I have three children (two boys and a girl) of my own and two step-children (one boy, one girl). Unfortunately, I do not get to see my own children. Someday, I will explain all of the details but even five years after the fact…I still tear up and develop an ever painful ache in my heart. No they haven’t died, but the loss I feel still hurts the same.

The step-children are grown. The daughter with a new family of her own. The son, we don’t see often.

Times have changed, as it always does. But, this house feels so quiet, so empty and it’s pointed out more during the holiday season. There are no more month of December crafting activities with the kids. No cookie baking, no popcorn strings, no excitement of getting Christmas gifts……

No one to hang the lights or decorate the tree. No one to listen and dance around the living room to Christmas music with. No class project Christmas Ornaments. No drives through the city to see the Christmas lights. There isn’t even the feeling of closeness that the holiday season usually brings.

I have tried all month to snag the holiday spirit. I just can’t seem to get a good firm grip on it! Yes, the tree is up and decorated. Yes, the two lone stockings are hung by the chimney with care….But, I didn’t do much other decorating this year. All of my plans that I had have evaporated into the unknown. I was hoping that Mr. Farmer would help me with them.

Mr. Farmer is a bit of a scrooge. His holiday shopping includes exciting gift cards for the kids and this year he is talking savings bonds for the granddaughters. Dull, boring and not very exciting. He even complained about me putting up the Christmas tree. His exact words were “I don’t know why you bothered. No one comes here.

See, to me it doesn’t matter if anyone comes here. I just love sitting next to the tree in the middle of those restless nights when I can’t sleep. The twinkle of the lights glinting off the hanging ornaments is beautiful and one of the seasons greatest treasures.

I sit here typing, realizing that my biggest problem is that I feel alone. Everything I do for the holidays isn’t done with family or friends. I decorate alone. I bake and cook alone. I do most of the chores alone. Most of the year, that doesn’t bother me. I guess it is just something about this time of year that makes me want to surround myself with family and friends, laughter and memories, good food and happy times.

Ugg…How depressing is this post? I will leave with happier tidings……..

To all of you out there that are surrounded by family and friends:
Merry Christmas! Make memories that will last a lifetime this holiday season!

Nature’s gifts of the seasons are like opening brightly colored packages, loosely tied with crinkled ribbon.

December Sunrise