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Mother’s Day

I would like to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

Some of you may not have your own children. But to me, if you own a cat, a dog, a horse, a cow, a hamster, or any other animal….you are a MOM! A surrogate mom! On behalf of your animals or your pets…Thank you for sharing your love!

As for Mother’s day around on the farm…apparently, some of our animals seem to think they should celebrate the day too! Belle, aka MA, decided to go the 1/2 mile to the pond just prior to milking time. She decided that she really wanted to stay and eat the grass in the pasture. It must have been extra good this morning because she made me walk all the way down to get her and then she had to stop to eat with every step she took! Our five minute walk up to the barn for milking turned into 25! The whole time, I kept hearing her internal voice saying “But I want to stay here. I am a MOM and I deserve a break this morning!” Too bad she doesn’t realize she could get sick if she doesn’t get milked out…otherwise I would have left her right there!

Once I got her into the holding area, she stopped by to say hi and give the two youngest calves a good lick along the side of the face. After that, she came into the barn. After getting her milked, I gave her an extra nibble of some wonderful smelling baled hay while I brushed her and washed the mud and poop of her rear quarters. I hate seeing a dirty cow…drives me crazy! With her all cleaned up and brushed down, back into the pasture she went. Whatever she was eating out there must have been like candy to her…She took off on a trot to go right back to where I got her from!!!! She sure is something!

Now if I could just get those Dexters to help me celebrate the day with a couple of new calves…I would be so excited! I am not so patiently awaiting their arrival. The girls are all bagged up, two of them with bags so big they look close to exploding! Their big ol’ bellies roll with the calves movements. The calves more around inside so much that all of them are extremely uncomfortable! Take a look at these bellies!!!!

Very pregnant Dexters trying to get into a position to take a nap

I keep trying to get a video of their rolling bellies as the calves move all around…but haven’t managed so far. I am starting to think that the little ones are camera shy already!

On a personal note, I won’t get to spend the day with my own children today. Which makes me sad…but, for right now, we have to make sacrifices to do what is best for them until some upcoming changes are completed. Until then, I will continue to hold all of my love for them in reserve and when the day comes when I can hold them in my arms, I will give them the biggest hugs ever!

In the meantime, I have to help take care of God’s children. So, I will take in the abused, the sick, the weak and any other ailments that happen, to make their lives better like they will mine. I will give them love and spoil them like so many others won’t. God will bring us together because that is what he put me here to do. I am a mother to many and expect that number to grow as time goes on. I anticipate it, have planned for it and I know that when the time comes when I am needed to help one of God’s creatures…I will be there, giving 110% and 110% of my heart to each and every one of them, big or small!

With that…Thank you again to ALL the Mom’s out there for just sharing the love in your heart!