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Setting new traditions

Sometimes traditions start by accident. Other times they are planned. Ours just happened by accident….

Last year for Mother’s Day, Mr. Farmer and I brought home a bull calf that we would raise for a service bull for this year on two different farms. He was and is a handsome fellow.

His name is Arthur, named after Mr. Farmer’s Uncle because he is stubborn as all can be. He was, like most Jersey calves, adorable when he came to live on our farm.

Arthur at 3 days old

He has now grown into a fine looking year old bull and is just about ready to head over to the other farm!

Here is Arthur now

Now back to the accidental tradition…. This year on Mother’s Day, the phone rings at around 4:30 pm from a neighbor farm. “We have a bull jersey/holstien calf over here if you are interested.” Of course we are! We raise them for either beef or rose veal…so sure!

Meet Del!

Del, short for Delmonico, is the odd ball on the farm! All that white is almost funny to see around here but, for the time being he has a loving home and will be taken care of like a spoiled pup! He needs a good cleaning and I need to get better photos still but he is here and happily chasing chickens out of his paddock area when it isn’t raining.

PS. I didn’t get the babies I really wanted for Mother’s Day…but they will come soon! Next target goal is Wednesday since that is Mr. Farmer’s birthday. BUT knowing cows like I do and knowing they like to pick the crappiest days to have  calves…..They will come when it is raining and wet out there over the next two days! I am really starting to think I need a raincoat for my camera!!!!